America’s most successful triumph since 2002 was to calculate the applicability of nano-fascism in a laboratory called Turkey with an ideology of “moderate islam” to test to what extent people could be made to desire fascism – now the test is completed, it should be no surprise to the Americans that the outcomes are being applied not only to the US but soon to be applied to the whole world yet this time with an ideology of neanderthal capitalism.

In other words, neo-liberal governments all around the world since late 90s have changed the meaning of democracy by forcing it to an exteriority to be mediated by an outside, a metaphysics of fraudery especially as far as the “democratic” elections are concerned. This outside, as it were, has the power of manipulating not only each and every vote (as regards the criticism popularized by the media these days) but also the voting systems as well. No matter where we are now – UK, France, US, Turkey, Russia, Egypt, Poland etc. – we find ourselves complaining about the “unexpected” results of elections and blame it on the disappearance of the left. Without doubt the left has been on the wane since the late 70s, yet “people are without hope and therefore they voted for those fascists” discourse is again governed by the invisible hands of this metaphysics of fraudery just to hide the simple fact that systems can still be subsumed under a Platonic idea of “democracy” but in relationship to this outside they are consumed within a negativity that is carefully kept as a contradiction in a moment of “aufhebung” in reverse. In our age, history does not repeat itself but is forced to repeat itself unless we get hold of this negativity.


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