Lacan’s graph of sexuation “prefigures” Deleuze and Guattari’s distinction of the different images of thought, embodying the fundamental choice between pluralism or monism, and between immanence or transcendance, after the event because it was first expounded in his seminar in 1973, one year after the publication of ANTI-OEDIPUS, and it represented a very weak and watered down appropriation of insights that Deleuze and Guattari had elaborated over the preceding four years. Guattari tells us:

When I was put in touch with Deleuze in 1969, I grabbed the opportunity. I progressed in my contestation of lacanism on two points: oedipal triangulation and the reductionism of his doctrine of the signifier (Dosse, GILLES DELEUZE ET FELIX GUATTARI, 13, my translation).

“Machine et structure” was a conference given also in 1969, using the concept of the machine to break through the purported omnipresence of the signifier.

So in 1969 Guattari was already arguing…

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