Your world is not fit to live in; Hikikomori One.

catastrophic edge

We have to be prepared to the prospect of a long period of monastic withdrawal, but also to the prospect of a sudden reversal of the global political landscape ( Franco Berardi, 2010. Ten Years After Seattle..).

Jack comes to the crisis centre to have his formal risk assessment commenced. Usually people come once or twice before we begin the procedure. We don’t want to scare them off, but likewise we want as organic a relationship to develop as possible. An organic relationship is hardly ever possible. He comes because the combination of heroin and valium and the grim dark side of sex work or drug dealing compounded by roofless homelessness have crippled and terrified him.

Jack is depressed. He is probably suicidal. He talks about paranoia but it is much more likely that someone out there really is trying to hurt him, that people really are looking aghast…

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