Julia Kristeva – Subjectivity as a [Lacanian] process

The discourse on subjectivity keeps on providing a solid ground to hold the theoretical edifice of PARTICIPATION and its later forms in art and digital technology.
A very rich contribution comes from psychoanalysis (of course) and the formation of the image of the subject.
Lacan, Freud and Foucault lay the base for the discourse, moving back and fort between different centers of gravity ranging between concepts of a single entity subjectivity to a fragmented and socially distributed one.
An interesting work for the purpose to my research comes from Julia Kristeva, a successor of Freud and Lacan that takes their ideas beyond the body towards a view of subjectivity as a process as opposed to a structure.
It is this unresolved and constantly dynamic view of the subject that makes it perfect for this research.
She emphasizes that subjectivity is PERFORMATIVE as we are in constant quest…

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