The Reinvention of Planets

The Reinvention of Planets
By John Moore

Green Anarchist


I am not willing to be
a slave to my maxims

A radical transformation of life
in the direction of anarchy
– a condition of generalised
spontaneous free creativity
informed by a
reflexive practice of freedom –
the whole consent of the whole being
and hence a comprehensive
revision of the maxims
that shape forms of creative spontaneity

The creative act
aims at
a total renewal
of the world

But left unexamined
the maxims structuring subjectivity
master me
deform creativity
stifle renewal
a warp spontaneity
into banality
and conformity

Everyone is in a state of creativity
24 hours a day
Spontaneity is the mode of existence of creativity
the unmediated experience of subjectivity
the precondition for poetry
the impulse to change the world
in accordance
with the demands
of radical subjectivity

Radical subjectivity
a conscious transformation
of social maxims
a revolution at
the roots of subjectivity
a revolution at
the roots of everyday life
a revolution that
reaches out from within
to transform life

Unregenerate subjectivity
remains incompatible with
individual autonomy
and revolutionary social transformation

everything must be rewritten then

If one is to be
a rebel in the total experience of life
if practices of self-realisation
and creative insurgency
are to emerge
a transvaluation of values
remains fundamental
in order to re-establish
a foundation for identity
in contexts where
technosocial alienation
severs immediacy
of experience
and contact
with reality
and perception
of what-is
and thus
who one is
and hence
enslaves one

A reversal of the process of dispossession
A disentanglement from confusion
which enables a return to source
A vital foundation for
the recovery of original self                               The unrepresentable ground
through nonconceptual consciousness               of all self-representation
Techniques of technosocial deprogramming
The expulsion of internalised power relations
Self-realisation in conjunction
with others realising themselves
And the creative revolutionary
abandonment of power
in all its forms


As capital
power becomes representation
becomes autonomous
through domesticating humanity:

humans integrate capital
capital integrates humans

humans interiorise the representation of capital
the representation of capital interiorises humans

and this representation
comes to be taken for reality
– the only possible reality –
but one which can only exist
as long as people
collectively consent
to accept it
as real

Revolutionary conflict
thus essentially remains
a conflict over representations          (Representation is the human appropriation
a conflict of representations              of reality and our means of communication
a conflict between                            and in this case it can never be abolished
the dominance of representation               (Camatte
– representation autonomised –
and creative insurgent self-realisation

(Before a powerful shock is produced
a union of revolutionaries
must be realised
there must be
a new solidarity
a new sensibility
but especially a new representation

If not, the shock will merely give rise
to a blind resistance incapable of emerging
in the affirmation of another mode of life
Human beings will have to undergo
a profound revolutionisation
to be able to oppose capital

A new representation
but especially
a new form of representation

Not political representation
Not the old narratives
that wield such cultural authority
that they have become invisible
Not the old myths
nor the old maxims
that silently structure identity and activity
without our even being aware of it
Not politics at all
No ideology
No doctrine
No dogma
But a new mode of life
(not a mode of production
but a new mode of being

a new dynamic of life
a lived poetry
(Poetry is the organisation of creative spontaneity
an act which engenders new realities:
it is the fulfilment of radical theory
the revolutionary act par excellence

A total renewal through generalised creativity

(This is a revolution of life itself
a search for another way of living

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